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The Nusa bag

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This sophisticated black & camel beauty is slightly bigger than her sisters.  Perfect size to contain all your necessities. 

Diametre: 24 cm
Depth: 7 cm

This bag is handmade by local craftswomen in a small village in the jungly area in the north of Bali, Indonesia.
The material used is rattan which grows locally. The artisan ladies from the surrounding area  cut it to size at the workshop themselves, and then it is being woven in the traditional way. Afterwards the woven bag parts get dried in the sun and smoked in the oven to get the robust quality of the bags. The straps are made from leather from Java, Indonesia, and then coloured at the workshop.
The inner lining is made from restmaterials from the local fabrics market and therefore varies from bag to bag, which makes each piece unique.

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